Chauffeuring Driver Training

Training for Domestic and Corporate Professional Chauffeuring

Domestic Chauffeuring

A Domestic Chauffeur is one who serves as a personal transporter to his principle to all daily activities and events.

He also handles all care and conditioning of each vehicle in the fleet. Because of the close interaction between Chauffeur and their Principle, they are a highly trusted member of the household staff whose discretion is a must.

Professional Chauffeurs are often more than just drivers, they are more like Butlers on Wheels. Their duties involve more than just driving and transporting, but are associated with other duties for 'Sir' or 'Madam'.

Domestic Chauffeur may attract living in positions where the Chauffeur has his own quarters within the family property. These are very rare scenarios, nonetheless available sometimes.

Domestic Chauffeuring Training Melbourne

Corporate Chauffeuring

On the other hand of the scope is the Corporate or Professional Chauffeur, these Modern Chauffeurs who you see waiting at the airport with board names, or outside large firms waiting for their clients.

These are complementary to individuals mostly doing business and social affairs. Let us show you how to greet and meet client expectations from the business of an airport to the comforts of the five-star hotel.

These Chauffeurs were reluctant taxi drivers with high service expectations or once personal employees of the vehicle owner, but now in specialist chauffeur service companies that provide both driver and vehicle for hire.

Alternatively, self-employed available through Only Chauffeurs' DATABASE to anyone seeking to employ the services of a professionally trained individual.

On certain occasions, there is the need to have a Chauffeur who can serve both driving and safety management like Body Guard qualities as per the Etiquette of Chauffeuring.

Only Chauffeurs has 30 plus years of experience in most facets of the industry and a Database to meet anyone's needs.

Equipped with the knowledge to monitor traffic conditions and infrastructure of the city, managing vehicle conditions, and performance, and effectively managing various situations.

Also here is not enough to be a good mechanic and how to drive a car, but an Ambassador for the city.

Corporate Chauffeurs are many times like Body Guards to their clients, they keep them safe and out of the reach of ill-fated people.

Corporate Chauffeuring Training Melbourne

By completing the Only Chauffeurs training sessions, you will acquire many angles to cope with various situations.

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