Driver Chauffeuring Training

Training for VHS, Uber and Taxi Driving

VHA Drivers

In the late nineties, the Metropolitan Hire Car Industry went through some revamping and modification. The M H classification did without labels and introduced the VHA number plates (Victorian Hire Accredited), like in 2015 we did without motor vehicle registrations labels.

The role of the VHA driver was/is to replace the demand for Service and Comfort in the transportation Industry.

Generally, business people who wish the tranquillity of being driven without interruptions nor lack of safety.

Being ONLY a pre-booked Service, these drivers need to be accustomed to various maps reading techniques and True Ambassadors for the city.

The O C training is all about equipping drivers with the various possibilities in increasing revenue as well as professionalism.

The role of a VHA driver is not just to drive but to respect clients as well as being a confidant.

VHA Driver Chauffeur Training Melbourne

Uber Drivers

Uber Drivers are a recent and futurist nature of the Transportation Industry.

The increase of business online, UBER is up the first of several applications taking the transportation Industry by storm.

These drivers come under 2 categories: UBER Black and UBER X.

UBER Black are qualified chauffeurs with their own vehicle who want to supplement their wages by transporting these clients.

UBER X are non-qualified commercial drivers who drive new vehicles (Not older than 10 years) ridesharing with the general public.

At Only Chauffeurs you will learn strategies in increasing your market share in Uber.

You will learn service plans that will put you above the rest in the Industry.

Uber Driver Chauffeur Training Melbourne

Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers are one of the oldest professions in the world.

Many countries classify taxi drivers as General Public Chauffeurs. They are equipped with an attitude of service. They make their wages according to demand, hence they need to provide the best service to be in demand.

Eddie drove taxis for some 5 years, and knows the demands of that Industry, as well as to survive he needed to implement strategies to be at the top.

Taxi Companies and Providers alike are always looking for drivers who excel and are passionate about their job.

By completing Only Chauffeur Training Sessions, taxi drivers learn the techniques of providing Excellent Service to top the class in taxi driving.

Learn how to take advantage of techniques that their counterparts VHA drivers use to gain more work.

Taxi Driver Chauffeur Training Melbourne


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