Training and Etiquette

Etiquette for the Chauffeur says;

To be a good chauffeur you must be a good servant. It is not enough to be a good mechanic and how to drive a car.

You must also study your employer's wishes and carry them out; his interests, and protect them; his peculiarities, and fall in with them; and then, if you are civil, willing, and sober, you will be a good chauffeur.

Although the vehicle you are driving is your employer's, it is your employment in life, and you need to see that he gets all the proper enjoyment out of it.

It is known that any owner can drive his own car and supervise its condition he need not employ a skilled chauffeur. But a warning - if any car is placed entirely in the charge of a chauffeur, he should be a thoroughly capable person.

Chauffeur Training

In class training, 3 Sessions of 3 hours each.

These Sessions will impart the main ingredients to your New Career's success:

•  History of the Industry

•  Different Facets of the Industry

•  Training is so Important for Success

•  Transport Act 1983 section 145

•  Duties and Assignments

•  plus much, much, much more ...


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